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A Look at 2020 for BGM....and What's to Come


The coronavirus disease has affected countries all over the world. With COVID-19, everyone at BGM is taking precautions and remains in good health. Those who were exposed all quarantined and came back to work in good health. BGM will continue to enact safe practices to prevent the spread of this virus as long as necessary.

BGM's performance in 2020 was good. Machining was up, automotive was down. BGM performed within 6% of the sales forecast made in 2019. Some of the customers that were originally buying product from China couldn’t get it so BGM was making it for them. BGM performed within 6% of the sales forecast made in 2019

BGM invested heavily into the company in 2020. We purchased the Haas CNC Vertical Mill, got a brand new 50HP air compressor, workbenches, 5S items, and 2 used CNC Okuma lathes. BGM also performed a complete upgrade in computer hardware and software, began automating data entry into ERP system for shop and work orders, and started using barcode technology. We purchased a used wire cutting machining for Donaldson production line, used scissors lift for the maintenance department, and a used box truck to replace the old one. Lastly, we repainted the inside of the building and put a new roof on the building.


BGM is working with Big Ass Fans to implement an ion ultra violet light system onto the fans that can scrub the air of any virus.

BGM is taking part in a green initiative by installing LED lighting in the plant. Also, the new air compressor is 20% more efficient than the original one owned by BGM.

Timken Steel is one of the leaders in green steel technology and BGM purchases from Timken for Caterpillar parts.

At BGM, we are always looking for innovative ways to be green. If it makes sense, we will invest in it!

In 2021 BGM plans to invest in equipment in personnel for prototyping and quick start up to get products out of production area. We are also looking at adding more CNC machines along with a 3D printer and new quality lab equipment pieces.

BGM is always looking at projects that require certain level of automation, including applications that require robotic loading and unloading and inspection of parts. BGM is looking to robotics to help offset some labor issues being experienced.

On the labor front, we will be starting in January with across the board pay increase to salaries for ITW in order to stabilize the workforce.

In 2021, BGM will continue best practices for safety while continuing to enhance safety measures.



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