Value Add. Designed for MFG.

Design Assist.

Garth Grause

Engineering Manager


Strengths: process development, design for manufacturing assistance, fixture design, problem solving, programming, CAD/CAM

Brett Jessie

Production Control & Engineering


Strengths: PMP certified, metal fabrication, cold heading tool design, CAD/CAM, process and part design experience

Alex Sokolik

Mfg. Engineer

Strengths: machining process development, programming, problem solving, CAD/CAM,  25 years of machining experience

Greg Hawkins

Mfg. Engineer

Strengths: machining process development, programming, manual machining, quoting, 30+ years of machining experience

Luis Barragan

Industrial & Systems Engineer

Strengths: negotiation, problem solving, lean manufacturing, systemic thinking, supply chain integration

Colin Felstead

Mechanical Engineer

Strengths: materials, mechanical testing, non destructive testing, welding and joining, heavy fabrication, specification review

David Masha

Metallurgical Engineer

Strengths: metallurgical engineering including material properties, heat treating, plating Finishes, quality engineering, fastener installation equipment, and fastener applications

Joe Chui

Industrial Engineer

Strengths: quality management system assessment, process audit, supplier management, quality issue solving procedure, 15 years of quality experience

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