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Sherex Industries was founded in 1978 in Buffalo, NY primarily serving the Automotive and Fluid Power Markets. In 2004, the rivet nut division was spun off, and became Sherex Fastening Solutions. Throughout our 35+ year history, we’ve remaining steadfast in our mission to deliver high quality fastening solutions at the lowest total installed cost.

Products Include:

  • Blind Rivet Nuts

  • Clinch Nuts

  • Compression Limiters

  • Nut & Stud Plates

  • Specialty Fasteners

  • Wedge Locking Washers & Nuts

  • Fastener Installation Systems

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Sherex’s Optisert is an innovative round body rivet nut that has superior strength, performance, and spin-out resistance over typical, standard round body rivet nuts.

What’s unique about Optisert is the proprietary combination of an engineered knurled body and underhead wedge design, which allows the rivet nut to bite into the material to give it superior spin out resistance over other round body rivet nuts.


  • Proven to meet Class 8 and Grade 5 thread proof load.

  • Increased spin out resistance over other round body rivet nuts.

  • Provide a strong thread in softer materials like aluminum, plastic, and fiberglass.

  • Closed end available with a seal that doesn’t compromise grip.


Need Help Finding the Right Solution?

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