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Industrial Rivet has been around for over 103 years and won several awards for providing incredible service. They are dedicated to serving customer’s needs by delivering solutions to industries world wide. They have one of the industry’s largest inventories of off-the-shelf products that range from standard to highly specialized rivets, available in any head style, length, material and finish. Industrial Rivet also offers a wide range of proprietary riveting products, as well as sophisticated and automated riveting tools and delivery systems.

Products Include:

  • Blind Rivets

  • Rivetnuts

  • Semitubular Rivets

  • Quickriveting Systems

  • Collarbolts

  • Solid Rivets

  • Rivet Tools

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IPB Series Rivetnut

The RivetKing IPB and IPN Series Rivetnuts do what traditional rivet nuts cannot. This series is designed for soft materials such as plastics, fiberglass and thin sheet metal where increased pullout resistance is required.  The fastener performance is dictated by the four folding tines that are extended during the riveting process. The result is an upset of metal that is nearly three times the diameter of the hole. 



  • Offered in pre-bulb & straight shank

  • Upset of metal that is 3x the diameter of the hole

  • Works in a variety of soft materials


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