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Established in 1877, Bollhoff is now one of the world’s leading manufacturers and suppliers of fasteners and processing systems.


As a family-run company they focus on long-term success, achieved through highly qualified employees, innovative products and customer-focused services.

Products Include:

  • Rivnut®

  • Plusnut®

  • Snaploc®

  • Rivstud®

  • Rivkle®

  • Hexnut®


  • P2007 Power Tool

  • P2007PN Power Tool

  • P3007 Power Tool

  • P3007PN Power Tool

  • B2007 Power Tool

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The ONSERT® allows instant adhesive bonding to a wide range of materials where thermal bonding and boreholes cannot be used.


  • Design freedom

  • Durability

  • Works on a variety of materials

  • Bonds where welding cannot


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